Anakha Coman wearing a white hat and dress, smiling directly at the camera

Are you living the life

your soul

wants to live?

I believe there’s something magnificent within you seeking to emerge.

An essential part of who and how you are that’s ready to be revealed, nurtured and expressed.

The emergence of the voice, power, tenderness, beauty, creativity, courage, intelligence that you are.

Aspects of you have been left behind, suppressed, and forgotten. Traumas, conditioning, and cultural pressures to conform, perfect and achieve have obscured your view.

Anakha Coman sculpting clay

Those aspects of you are not lost

We can go get them.
Anakha in the desert wearing a white dress and hat smiling in front of a sage bush
Every moment is an opportunity for liberation.

To free what’s been bound. To embrace the untamed. To breakthrough convention and embody our style.

Together we’ll create a place and space where I support, challenge and catalyze as you uncover, discover, find and free the energy that wants to express itself as you.

A freer, more fulfilling and connected life is within you.

Are you ready?

Let’s go get it.

Get Lit Up

Resources and services to help you connect, relate, and flourish.
The world needs you fully present, in your power, and alive on purpose.

Meet Yourself Deeply

As we go through life shit happens, traumas happen. We look outside to figure out how we fit, how we belong, how to succeed and survive this life. With our gaze fixed outside, we can lose vital, visceral contact with our soul, our ground, our style. Our unique way of being in the world.

You may have lost your sense of wonder, self-trust, your connection with your voice or personal power. This is what I am devoted to helping you reclaim. Let’s look beyond the surface afflictions and see these symptoms as invitations to remember and rebuild what is true and amazing and vital about you.

We’ll create a space where you quiet the outside noise, learn who you are and unlearn who they told you to be.

This is the medicine of a soul space – where we release the straitjacket of trauma, of conditioning, of domestication and free the energy and movement that connects you to the intelligence, voice, love, power and creativity that is you, and yours. Where we gently and courageously peel back the layers of what you’ve been taught and what’s been expected and reveal yourself to yourself. To discover again that you are magic. You are medicine.

You are a god damn miracle.

I am 100% here for you coming fully alive – embodied, expressed and whole. Living the freedom of your soul.

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Anakha Coman in the desert wearing a white dress and hat smiling in front of a sage bush

Wild Woman

Music by Justina Shandler. Lyrics by Anakha Coman, Abby Levens and Justina Shandler. | “How free can we get? How unwound, unbound and unbothered can we get? Juiced up. In motion. Turned on. Tuned in. Lit up. Grounded.”