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I offer experiences that profoundly and irrevocably alter the way you feel and experience living in your own skin and how you show up in the world to relate and contribute as a result.

Anakha Coman in a field wearing a cream colored hat, looking warmly at the camera
Soul Transmission Painting & Guidance with Anakha Coman

Soul Transmission Painting

Your soul’s unique message in art.

A transmission of images, color, energy and words that provide both an activation and guidance for your current life chapter.

Your soul’s message to you.

This art is medicine, a kind of homeopathy and map for your emergence and embodiment. An opportunity for you to be seen, heard and sensed with presence and intuition.

Soul care that has the power to awaken, guide and transform.

Soul Transmission Painting & Guidance with Anakha Coman

Option One

1 hour soul exploration session

Your personal soul art (size 20×20 delivered as physical and/or digital image, shipping not included, custom sizes available upon request.)

Text transmission accompanying the painting

1 hour reflection and intuitive guidance session

Investment: $1,500 (shipping not included)

Option Two

1 hour soul exploration session

Your personal soul art (size 20×20 delivered as physical and/or digital image, shipping not included, custom sizes available upon request.)

Text transmission accompanying the painting

Six, 1 hour embodiment and intuitive guidance session

Investment: $3,500 (shipping not included)

“You’re something between a dream and a miracle.”

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Relating Lab

Relational Intelligence Skills and Practice for Life and Leadership.

The quality of our relationships greatly influences the quality of our lives. 

And yet, if you’re like me, you weren’t taught the foundational skills to relate to ourselves and each other in competent and skilled ways – ways that lead to vital, honest and fulfilling relating. 

In this lab you’ll learn and practice (a whole lot of practice!) seven essential skills that will equip you to relate to anyone anywhere.

We’ll cultivate new relational capacities that create possibilities for connection and communication.

Anakha Coman wearing a black jacket and blue jeans sitting in a field of wildflowers with a cream colored hat on

Fall Session 2022

Saturday, September 10th

Saturday, October 22nd

10 am to 4 pm PST

Location: Zoom

Investment: $595

“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship.
the big art is our life.”

— M.C. Richards

Anakha wearing a white dress smiling in the forest holding a hat in her left hand

Embodiment Sessions

A devoted and dedicated time and space to feel and hear your inner wisdom and guidance.

A place to allow your true gifts to unfold, tap into your intuition, find your rhythm and move toward what you need to thrive.

Together we’ll create a brave and nourishing space with the right combination of empathy and courage and support and challenge. We’ll build your capacity to embody and express the aspects of truth, love, power, creativity, aliveness that are your birthright—strengthening your capacity to be seen and celebrated.

It is already within your nature to fully become who you are.

Schedule an initial conversation here to discern if this is the right fit and option for you.

Anakha wearing a white dress smiling in the forest holding a hat in her left hand

“Loss of soul and eros is the root cause of modern sickness.”

— Michael Mead

Women’s Retreat

Loreto Bay, Mexico 2023

Creativity, eros, nature, magic – a restorative sensual and creative immersion in this sacred place.

Come home to your body, relax into nature, rest, restore, rejuvenate and play.

Experience joy, creativity, eros in support of your healing and liberation.

Enter your contact info here to be included in the announcement of dates, logistics and costs for 2023.

Women's retreat in Loreto Bay, Mexico

“You have  the right  to be, the right  to become, the right  to belong.”

― Anakha Coman

Anakha Coman DEI Services

Corporate Consulting

DEI Leadership Development, Mindfulness Programs and Keynote Speaking.

I bring wisdom, depth and understanding of cultural and systemic behavioral change to conversations about race, gender and class.

I am known for issuing a clarion call to organizations and communities – requesting brave and swift collective responses that move us from operating from a fear-based consciousness that upholds systems of oppression to a love-based consciousness that give rise to systems of liberation where we flourish together.

My unflinching personal and professional look at inequities and biases and the seemingly small actions that catalyze profound and sustainable change inspire and motivate people.

Clients include Intel, Microsoft, Zappos, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Nike and more.

Anakha Coman DEI Services

For information about my work with organizations and leaders

Check out my LinkedIn page if you’re interested in learning more about my work and contributions in leadership development, mindfulness and DEI.

Oni Marchbanks and I have been partnering for the past 5 years to do transformative work with corporations and non-profits to create a culture of belonging that is inclusive, equitable and diverse at We Get Free Together.

My friends and colleagues at Source Wellness are doing some innovative work at the intersection of mindfulness and DEI. I’m honored to be a part of some of the goodness they’re creating in the world!

In 2011 I launched one of the first corporate mindfulness programs at Intel and went on to offer my Awake at Work™ program to folks at Nike, Microsoft, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Salesforce, Eli Lilly and more.

I began working with the folks at FDP Global in January of 2020. They are known for offering high impact experiential training in DEI and creating partnerships across difference. I have the honor of partnering with some brilliant colleagues and serving clients including Amazon, Kellogg, McCain Foods, BAE Systems and Mass Mutual.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

— Lilla Watson, Indigenous Australian artist, activist and academic

Soul Transmission Painting & Guidance

Q: How do you create the soul paintings?

I create from stillness, from a sense of communion with or listening to your soul. I trust the images, colors and words that I sense, feel and hear and translate/express them on canvas and paper.

Q: How long will it take to receive my painting?

Generally, three to four weeks. I will give you an estimate after our first session.

Q: How do you address or care for trauma that might come up in your sessions?

One of the most important trauma aware/care practices I employ is being present and attuned to your pace and what is arising moment to moment within you and within our interaction. If trauma arises – memories, experiences, feelings, sensations – we tend to what needs care with compassion, listening, regulation and resourcing. I trust your responses and your body’s intelligence to guide you in a way that supports healing and integration.

Q: How does what you offer support the wellbeing of humanity or the greater world? Is this self-indulgent?

It is my belief that any work we do as individuals to reconnect with what is true and whole within us will serve everything and everyone we are connected to.

And this is also a core intention I hold as we work together.

The loss of connection to soul, to each other, to the earth has led to the diseases of violence, dishonor, rage and despair that we are witnessing in the world today. The more people that are connected and grounded in their power, passion and purpose, the better off we will be as a world community.

The work we do together is not only devoted to your personal flourishing but also for every sentient being.

Relating Lab

What are the relational skills that you teach?

The seven skills: attunement, self to co-regulation, empathetic listening, empathy, being with difference, congruence and repair.

It’s been said that we perform at the level of our practice, so I’ve designed these sessions to be 20% instruction and 80% practice and coaching.

What are they based in?

These skills were brought forward by Carl Rogers in the context of person-centered therapy and later iterated for an organization / leadership context by Ernest Meadows.

I was first introduced to and studied these skills at the Leadership Institute of Seattle in 1997 as a part of a master’s program.

I was re-introduced to and practiced these skills with Katy Meadows and James Olivia Chu-Hillman in 2021-22.

In addition to these skills, I also teach presence, mindfulness, self and co-regulation and repair as essential relational capacities.

Embodiment Sessions

Where do the Embodiment Sessions take place?

Our sessions will take place over Zoom or in person.

Women's Retreat

Is the retreat in Loreto a large retreat? A lot of people or smaller and more intimate?

This retreat will be small and intimate with no more than 10 women invited to join. We’ve designed it to make sure each person receives the presence, time and care they want and need.

What types of experiences will we have? Will I have time to rest and explore?

We will have ample time to luxuriate and for resting, wandering and playing. We encourage you to attend the group sessions, and…everything is for you to choose, yes or no.

We will spend time soaking in the magic of Loreto (the beauty and power of this place run deep, far and wide) in the town, on the beach and islands and in the desert canyons. There will be experiences with movement, art, ritual, and music.

Schedule a call with me and I can share more and answer your questions!

Corporate Consulting

Do you consult/coach with individual leaders or team or organizations?

Yes, all of the above! I love working with all aspects of an organization – leadership, teams, all staff, boards, etc.

I often consult with individual leaders as they navigate their own DEI journey and the complexity of integrating this into their lives and organizations.

It looks like you work with a lot of different organizations that offer DEI consulting and leadership development. Where do I start?

That’s right, I do have a handful of collaborators and colleagues and together we combine our skill and magic to serve clients in a variety of sectors corporate, non-profit, healthcare and government.

Let’s start with a conversation between us and we can discern from there!