Anakha Coman smiling and kicking up her legs in a mountain field because of the kind words her clients have to say

“To work with Anakha is 100% authentic every time. 


She fuses a strong intuition with an ability to see through constructs from our world that trip up our own clarity.

She deeply pays attention to what is wanting to emerge, what is most alive, and that allows space for magic and getting to the heart of the moment.”

— Michael

Corporate DEI Leader

“My experience with Anakha continues to be profoundly transformative. I have been able to meet those darker and more hidden parts of me with compassion, and even with levity.

Her capacity to hold loving space astounds me, but I am even more awed by her ability to hold grief and joy in each hand with her big heart and playful spirit. Anakha taught me that love is not just support; it is both support and challenge. She is unafraid of saying what’s true.

Through being with Anakha, I have experienced deeper intimacy within myself, with others, deeper belief in myself, greater capacity to be in discomfort, greater capacity to love, and so much more.”

— Justina.

Singer Songwriter, Musician

“You have this rare capacity to see what’s true and essential within people, within me and then deliver a message in a way that is medicine, that goes all the way in…that I can receive.”

— Shalini

Behavioral Cognitive Therapy Researcher

Anakha Coman's hand touching four paint tubes

“I opened the art New Year’s Day! Everything I wanted and more.

I’ve listened to it and allowed it to speak to me about how I will rise from the ashes of my current circumstances.  I begin every morning in commune with it.

Thank you again from all of my heart for your life saving shot of hope and inspiration.

I hope you find a way to share this remarkable gift with more humans. But the work I’m doing with your support is and will continue to have a ripple effect on many lives beyond me.”

— Mark.

Digital Strategist, Innovator and Director

“Anakha carries gifts from many traditions including artistry, facilitation, healing, medicine, divinity, leadership development, organizational transformation, diversity and equity.

When I work with her, I can feel all those broad backgrounds deeply integrated into one being.”

— Mike

Corporate Leader